Tinnitus Resolved  Reveals The Reasons Why You Most Likely Developed This Annoying Condition, But More Importantly How To Banish The Noise Once And For All...Drug Free!”

Hi, my name is Steve G. Jones, clinical hypnotherapist and I want to ask you a question: Are you one of the more than 50 million people in America who is suffering from tinnitus or ringing in the ears?

Or perhaps you’re one of the 10 million who are experiencing the agony associated with tinnitus, that you've sought medical attention for it ?

Or maybe you fall into the 10th percentile of that 10 million who are dealing with tinnitus on levels so bad that it is downright destroying your life?

Regardless of what category you fall into, my guess is that if you've arrived at this website, you have attempted to use to combat your tinnitus has failed you in some way.

So let me ask you, have you tried everything? Have you resorted to every imaginable measure to address this problem that is ruining your life only to wind up even more frustrated and in a sense, more tortured than you were before?

Well what you may not realize is that you may be attempting to solve your problem using the wrong formula.

And the reason why you may be using the wrong formula is because you can't accurately diagnose the root cause of the problem.

And what's even more alarming is the fact that your doctor may not be able to identify the root cause either.

You see, tinnitus is a challenging. It wears many faces, so to speak. In fact, when we think of it, we can't even really pigeon-hole it or provide a definitive answer on what it is because it's different for everyone.

For some people, it's described as ringing in the ears. Yet for others, it could be a hissing sound that they experience.

In some cases, the sound itself can't even be classified.

The only thing that we can say about tinnitus is that it's a sound that a person constantly hears that the rest of the world does not hear.

You can see why this problem is so hard to correct.

First off, you have to figure out what the sound is.

Then, you have to describe it to a health care professional who in all likelihood has never actually heard the sound personally (because it's only existing in your frame of reality).

Then, that health care professional (who's probably seeing a hundred others patients that day alone with issues that are much easier to identify and treat) is supposed to figure out how to solve your problem.

It's no wonder why so many people are suffering from tinnitus. Simply put, there are so many dimensions to the problem and so many variables affecting the results of the treatment.

Well I Can Tell You Firsthand How Serious The Problem Is...

You see, I have been practicing hypnotherapy for the past 25 years of my life.

And basically what that means is that I have used hypnosis in therapeutic formats to help people create positive and lasting change in their lives. I do this by reprogramming their subconscious minds to cause them to think and act in a way that is conducive to them achieving a goal that they feel will enrich their life.

You would assume that the areas where people ask for the most help is weight loss and finances. And that's true.

It seems as though everyone wants to look better and have more money. But what they really want is control.

That's the reason why people really come to me. It's to gain or regain control over some area of their life that they feel they cannot handle on their own at the moment.

And for many people, those areas have do with looking better and having more money.

But for many people, it has to do with their health. And for those people, the urgency levels are even greater because they have been programmed to believe that correcting a health issue is much more difficult than say a money issue for example

The frame of thought is that anyone can make more money if they just know how. Therefore, the person's ability to control the outcome is hindered only by a lack of knowledge

And once that piece of knowledge is attained, they can achieve the goal or control the result.

When it comes to health however, things don't seem as simple.

Most people believe that a serious health problem is not as "controllable".

They think that correcting a serious health problem is more a matter of luck or chance than knowledge and ability.

Well I'm Here To Tell You That Even Your Health (Regardless Of What State It Is In) Can Be Drastically Changed By You; If You Have Access To The Right Information...

How many times have we heard of people with stage four cancer who have been given 6 months to live beating the disease and going on to live for another 40 years?

That result is nothing more than the person accessing the right information and applying it in a way that changes the outcome.

It's exactly the same way people make more money, become more motivated or achieve just about anything else in life.

Now over the past 25 years, I have had people come to me with all kinds of health problems ranging from anorexia to sexual dysfunction to stress to OCD to addiction and just about anything else you can think of.

And one of the biggest health issues that I have seen people experience is tinnitus.

In fact, more people than I can think of have visited my office in Savannah and paid a pretty penny for a private session to help deal with tinnitus.

And over the years, countless requests have poured in asking me to create a resource that could help people overcome the problem.

And so a few months back, I decided to get in the studio with my team of professional sound engineers and put my expertise in hypnosis, along with my education in cognitive psychology, to the work and begin formulating a program that people could use to help manage their tinnitus.

Now realize this. I am not a doctor or even a health care professional. But what I am is someone who has gotten results for thousands of people using the power of hypnotic influence.

And the method by which I do so is much like cooking, in that it’s both an art and a science.

Now the scientific part of it (although complex) is, in my opinion, the easier part because it consists of universal principles and sound evidence that when applied correctly will produce a result.

The key aspect of that statement is the “applied correctly” part. Because that’s what makes the process actually work.

It’s like having paint, brushes and paper. We know that if you dip the brush in the paint and then apply the brush to the paper, you will see paint on the paper.

And that’s all that an artist does yet how he or she does it is what separates them from the rest.

Picasso and any other artist could do the same thing with paint, brushes and paper, yet Picasso’s paintings were so much different and considered world class because of how he used those tools.

And the same is true of hypnotherapy and the methods by which hypnotherapists are paid to apply their techniques.

Creating the hypnosis recording for tinnitus was unlike anything I had ever done before.

And the reason is because of all the different dimensions and variables involved.

That’s when I realized that I really had my work cut out for me. And that’s why in many cases, medical professionals can’t effectively help people.

It’s because they don’t know what’s causing the problem.

You see tinnitus can be caused by many different things ranging from stress to hearing loss to certain medications that one could be taking.

So to create a program using hypnosis to help correct the problem without knowing what the actual cause was, would be nearly impossible.

I thought to myself, if the problem is different for everyone, then how could I create one resource that would work for so many different people?

After all (as I said before), I’m not a doctor or a health care professional. But.....my good friend Frank Mangano is an expert in the field of health; specifically natural health.

You see, Frank’s not a doctor either (nor did he ever want to be).

Frank is a natural health expert, consumer advocate, the author of hundreds of articles pertaining to natural health and is the authors of four books including The Blood Pressure Miracle, which is an Amazon.com best seller that Frank wrote about how people can lower their blood pressure naturally without any prescription medication.

I immediately got Frank on the phone and told him about the program that I was creating for tinnitus and the problems that I was running into.

He couldn’t help but chuckle a little.

“Steve” he said “that’s the problem everyone has with tinnitus”. First, the experience itself is different for everyone and so is the cause.

He told me that he was actually working on a special report dedicated specifically to identifying and treating tinnitus with a holistic approach.

He told me that he and his research team were at times working around the clock to gather information about the causes of tinnitus and how each cause relates to a certain kind of natural treatment.

Then, they would scrutinize each treatment method to see how effective it was.

“Steve” he said, “my report is just about complete and now that I think of it, it has all of the tools that you need to make your program effective”.

It was, at that very moment that Frank decided to collaborate with me on this project and provide all the “raw” health material needed to synergistically combine with the hypnosis techniques to really make this program powerful and effective.

So what exactly is this program, you ask? And more importantly, what is going to make it different than anything else that I've tried in the past?

Well first, I’m going to take you through four empowering audio modules where I will cover the main causes of tinnitus including, but not limited to, every type of medication that can be a contributing factor and what to do about it.

You see, once you identify the root cause of your tinnitus then and only then can you start the correct course of action to treat it.

In fact, I’ll even show you how to identify how severe your tinnitus is by getting such a detailed look at it, that you will even be able to see what decibel level it is operating at.
Can you imagine what an advantage you will now have?

Rather than wasting your time trying methods that will never have any beneficial effect on your tinnitus whatsoever, you will now have a simple yet powerful formula to identify what’s causing it so you can apply treatments that WILL work.

And the treatments that I am going to introduce you to will equip you with everything you need to combat the problem because they will enable you to attack it on so many different levels.

First, we’ll cover the basics, then we’ll go into some natural herbs and supplements and then you’ll be engaged in some powerful hypnosis techniques that will combat your tinnitus on multiple levels.

Did you know that hypnotherapy can be just as effective as the prescription drug Xanax in dealing with tinnitus?

Only you won’t have to lose sleep over the side effects like seizures, depression, amnesia or nausea just to name a few.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not totally against prescription medication as I do believe they do have a place in our world, but as a clinical hypnotherapist, I am always in favor of natural treatment methods.

And so is Frank, which is why he’s agreed to include is special secret report on treating tinnitus safely and naturally using holistic methods as part of this program.

Among other things, you will discover:

Foods that may be contributing your tinnitus and why should get rid of them immediately

You’ll be exposed to four powerful supplements that have been shown to halt tinnitus in its tracks

You’ll also discover some proven technologically advanced methods of treating tinnitus

But above all, you will gain that invaluable component that I spoke of before which is the knowledge needed to create the result that you want.

So again I ask you, have you tried everything? Have you resorted to every imaginable measure to address this problem that is ruining your life only to wind up even more frustrated and in a sense, more tortured than you were before?

If so, then I urge you to try my program right now, risk free. I can assure you that you will be happy you did.....and so will your ears.

Now here’s what I mean by risk free. Simply put, I will allow you to download this empowering four module recording which includes all the secret techniques, methods and hypnosis session , as well as the report written by natural health expert Frank Mangano and put it to the test for a full 8 weeks.

If your tinnitus does not drastically improve or dare I say even disappear, then I will gladly buy the program back from you.

In other words, I will give you a full refund.

That’s right. I will give you back every red cent that you spent on this program if you feel you can’t benefit from it.

Because that’s how confident I am that you will.

There is not a doubt in my mind that this program will drastically improve your life for the better by helping you effectively treat your tinnitus.

So don’t waste anymore time trying methods that set you up for failure before you even begin by not accurately diagnosing the cause of your problem.

Instead, you can invest your money in a formula dedicated to indentifying the root cause of your tinnitus and providing safe, natural and most importantly, proven methods to fight it.

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Isn't it time you stopped living your life a prisoner of your tinnitus?

Take charge today by taking action NOW.

You'll be glad you did.

To Your Success,

Steve G. Jones, M.Ed.